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9 Uses Of Recruiting Automation In Your Hiring Process

Technology has added convenience to every minor business process. Even hiring has become easier, thanks to technology. With the implementation of recruiting automation and job portal development, the tenuous task of reaching out to job seekers, job posting, sending out alerts, etc, have been taken care of. 

Gathering its definition from its name itself, recruiting automation is a category of technology that enables companies to automate their hiring process through a job portal, created with the aid of job portal website development companies. Recruiting automation helps companies improve their overall talent profile and save ample time and productivity. 

Uses of Recruiting Automation Throughout the Hiring Process

Recruiting automation is an extremely versatile technology as it can be used in various ways for all different stages of a hiring process, from the initial search to the final hiring. 

  • Advertising the Open Position

Job advertising is always the first step and automation in recruitment to advertising is a smart move. Automation can be used to purchase digital advertisements through the software. Automated placement of advertisements allows the ad to reach ideal candidates on the internet. 

Some companies use advertising automation to present audience appealing job postings, to showcase the culture of their brand and attract job seekers. Instead of spending money on ads with low ROI, recruitment automation allows you to save money and create a marvellous brand image. 

  • Tracking Candidates

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a recruitment automation technology that recruiters use to collect and track the recruitment process of the applicant. The system starts working right after a candidate applies for the job opening. 

The tracking continues throughout all the hiring processes and stages, monitored by recruiters and hiring managers, tracking each candidate’s performance. ATS comes with different features like sourcing extensions, video interviewing, careers site editor, etc, for you to choose from.

  • Social Media Recruiting

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites are extensively used to post jobs and source candidates. As most of the target audience is active social media users, it becomes easier to reach out to job seekers and find the perfect candidate. 

A few social media recruiting strategies are automating social media posts, organizing recruitment campaigns, and scanning employee connections for potential candidates. Many companies prefer utilizing social recruiting platforms to automate their social media posts, instead of directly using social websites. 

  • Automated Candidate Pre-screening

To segregate and pick out the most qualified candidates, who would move further in the hiring process, candidate pre-screening tools are used. The tools rank and grade the candidates based on their resume, experience, skills, etc. 

Other than a resume screener, chatbots or virtual recruitment assistants are also used to gain information about the candidate and measure their suitability for the role. These tools save time spent interacting personally with potential employees. 

  • Pre-employment Evaluation

Pre-employment assessments aid in evaluating the skills and characteristics of the candidates and automatically ranking them based on their scores. These tests rule out any hiring biases and help in getting to know the real capabilities of the candidates. 

Some tests are used to measure technical skills like typing, language proficiency, etc. Some tests are used to assess the cognitive abilities of the candidate. It is an overall evaluation process. 

  • Schedule Interviews

Interview scheduling automation is life-saving for both recruiters and candidates. It allows candidates to self-schedule an interview with the recruiting team after the application process, given that their assessment score is adequate for the selection process. 

  • Candidate Relations

Relationship with candidates is mandatory throughout the hiring process. With candidate nurturing tools or candidate relationship management (CRM) tools, companies can engage with the candidates through email automation. 

Automated emails ensure that the candidate stays interested in the position and is updated with all the ongoing and upcoming processes. 

  • Background Checks

Every candidate has to pass the background check before being hired. Luckily, this can be automated too, with features like name-matching technology, automated research on candidates, identifying red flags, etc. Though automated, all the tools provide speedy and accurate results.

  • Redeeming Candidates and Ranking

Many promising candidates have to be rejected due to less open positions. But with candidate rediscovery and ranking technology, you can find these candidates again for future job openings. This technology helps in identifying deserving past candidates, candidate scoring and ranking, fastening the selection process. 

Recruiting Automation has been a blessing for companies. The whole hiring process becomes systematic, quick, and efficient. It enhances the hiring process for both parties. This technology is adopted to relieve the recruiting team of manual tasks and allow them to interact with the candidates. 

If you want to have the talented lot on board, recruitment automation is the way to go. This creative, technological alternative will benefit your company in many positive ways. 

Knovator, a job portal website development company, can be of immense help in initiating recruitment automation technology. With the right team handling your recruitment automation, there is no room for fumbles.

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