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Different types of WP Plugins

Web designers can use different types of WP Plugins for their websites. These plugins maker the navigation of the website easy and the look of the website also changes. These plugins are very beneficial as people can use them to backup the content of their site, add SEO, add calendar, improve the quality of the content, making with anchor “sticky menu” and do a lot of other things. In this article we will discuss different types of WP Plugins which can be used on websites.

Word Stats

This is a plugin which a web designer can use to improve the quality of the content. The information that this tool provides are many and some of them are listed below

  • Number of words
  • First 20 keywords
  • Monthly word count in the form of graph

Pre Post SEO

This is a very important plugin as this will let the website designer know if there is any duplicate content. Besides this, the plugin will also tell the owner about the keyword density for a content on a particular page. Here are some of the things that can be done by those plugin.

  • It has the ability to count the number of links.
  • It informs about the broken links so that the problem can be eliminated.
  • The plugin has the ability to calculate the keyword density.
  • It gives suggestions for the improvement of the content.

This tool will help the designer to make the website and the content perfect before publishing. One more advantage of this plugin is that it will help the website designer to become a good writer.

Editorial Calendar

This is a plugin which will help the designer to manage the content and organize it. This will help in publishing the fresh content. This plugin has many features and some of them are mentioned here.

  • The designer can see all the posts and if he has made a schedule for publishing them, he can see that schedule also
  • The plugin provides the ability of drag and drop.
  • The status of each post can be clearly seen.
  • It has tools which helps the designer to see the content written by various authors.

Because of such features, it will help the website owner to publish well organized and well maintained content.

WP Keyword Suggest

This is a plugin that will help in adding the best keywords to the content on the website. The plugin has the capability to get information from various sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. The tool is very powerful in getting the keywords for the content.

Easy Content Templates

This is a plugin that will provide different templates. These templates will give a new look to every post. This plugin helps in the creation of different types of templates which can be used to publish different posts in different formats.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the useful plugins which can be used on the website to improve the content, look and feel of the website, etc. The plugins also help in searching keywords. Some plugins are very useful for “guest posting sites”as well. Plugins also help in backing up the content so that it can be used in the case of any unfortunate event.

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