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It can also determine the coolant as well as oil levels.


If you go through any engine based machine, generators also want impartial maintenance. If you do maintenance on regular basis it gives good results. 

All kind of the generator has the own particular maintenance schedule that you must have to them follow accordingly to their given catalogue.

Most of the usual generator maintenance routines include general inspection in which consists of checking the machine for any possible leaks, checking the battery, cables as well as terminals.

If you go through the regular generator maintenance which consists of the following factors:

  • If you go thorough inspection of the cooling system it generally consists of keeping an eye on the coolant levels at different levels or brakes.
  • You have to do yearly cleaning as well as filtering. This is important to do this because a generator is used every other day. So, you want to clean any block fuel filters as well as fuel lines.
  • You have to check the battery power every time. In the superiority of breakdown cases, battery failure is what exhausts the generator.
  • You can also do the usual testing of the generator to get the know what is the status of the battery, the gravity of the batteries as well as the levels of electrolyte.

Do you have to know how long can a generator run continuously?

It can be count on your standby generator. There is most of the maker’s advice that you have to limit your generator to 500 hours of use at the most. After that, you can run it for about three weeks of continuous use.

There are many Industrial Service Providers. If you choose or have a portable gasoline generator. You will be restricted to the runtime of a single fuel tank. This is generally taken more than a few hours but far less than a full day.

If you have or choose the running a portable generator on a nearly unlimited supply of propane. You will see there is the limited life of your engine oil. That provides you up to 200 hours or about eight days of continuous power.

Finally, if you are using a standby generator with an unlimited fuel supplies. You can run your generator for up to 500 hours 21 days at a time. You can go through or purchase any of them on your budget. 

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