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Scaling Your Real Estate Investment Business Through Call Center Support

Now that you know what it is and how the integration between the CRM for tele sales and the call center is done, let’s show you the main benefits of having call center for real estate investors.

Documented Conversations

The CRM call center offers functionality essential for your company’s success: documentation of all conversations. This is important because when a service fails or the customer starts a conversation with one channel and is directed to another, it does not need to return to zero.

This way, the user does not have to repeat some questions, which speeds up service and increases customer satisfaction.

Agility To Resume Service

In a medium and large company like Hit Rate Solutions for example, it is common to have several attendants, not just one. Therefore, a technical call can be resolved, and the attendant who contacts the customer is not the same person who received the service request.

With a CRM system integrated into the call center, he accesses the entire system history and knows exactly the details so as not to appear misinformed. This way, he talks to the consumer without fear of being repetitive or appearing unfamiliar with that particular subject.

Ease Of Finding Contact Data

Another benefit of integration is the ease of finding contact data because looking for data in outdated spreadsheets is very complicated. A good CRM system lets you know your customers’ phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details.

The good thing is that the system keeps the information safe, updated, and reliable, making it much easier to access by all attendants.

Traceability Of All Actions

One of the difficulties a call center faces is knowing who is responsible for resolving a call or providing service. So, if failures or delays happen, how do you know who is responsible for them? We can say the same thing in reverse. And when a customer praises an attendant, how do you know who he is?

Keeping the system up to date makes it simpler to assign responsibilities for actions. And, consequently, recognize who is doing a good job.

Know Which Are The Most Frequent Complaints

Another benefit of Contact Center Software is that you will know the most frequent complaints in your business, and you will be able to improve several aspects.

For example, you can improve the characteristics of some services and products to avoid future dissatisfaction. You can find out why that problem is so recurrent and where the bottleneck is.

All of this elevates your company to a higher level, and as a result, your customers will be much more satisfied with their experience.

Less Investment In Integrating New Employees

Everyone knows that the call center sector has a high employee turnover. And when you have good call center software, integration becomes easier. Why? Because the system has all the customers’ history already registered, the employee will know where he should look for data about a particular consumer.

This avoids long and expensive training, and, on top of that, it allows the service to be provided in a completely personalized way, even if the attendant is a new employee at the company.

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