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Marketing Automation and Personalization

Marketing Automation is the use of software programs designed to connect and simplify marketing campaigns and processes by creating networking hubs that both integrate and connect with a variety of different platforms and social media applications while also automatically sending your messages, emails, sales pitches and more. Do you know what is automated feed ads?

These programs allow you stay on top of your marketing campaigns across several social media platforms and effectively maintain outreach and consistency in contacting your clients and market. A key phrase here is workflow management and efficiency.

They are designed to create a fluid and seamless program that allows you to intuitively set up your messages and atomically send them out every day for you.  Create digital strategies to maximize efficiency and productivity. All the simple tasks of clicking send across lists of contacts can be automated, freeing up time for employees to get more important and complicated works tasks done.

Wait, there’s even more. With digital marketing a critically important process is testing and data analytics. Measure the ROI, responses, click through rates and lots of other data is becoming a standard process for many companies, adding automation to help has become increasingly popular. There are now plenty of AI programs designed to help test all your campaign strategies.

There is no one right software bundle or program. There are a variety of programs to tackle all sorts of marketing campaign workflow tasks, from the data analytics to updating contact information and emailing digital coupons or sales messages.

Every business needs to invest the time and configure their own automation systems to best suit their own marketing methods and targets.

Marketing automation personalization is another expression you will hear thrown around. Personalization versus automation can be a big of a hot topic, it refers to the somewhat growing issue of leaving too much of the process up to AI technology and creating a constant barrage of generic or conspicuous messages. These messages don’t target clients and prospects specifically or with a ‘personal touches’ at best, more realistically they end up in a spam folder and can damage brand image.

The most successful approaches involve balancing the two factors, automating all the elements of your workflow that don’t involve human connection or creativity while having talented people add personal touches in creative and thoughtful ways.

You don’t have to carefully craft and personalize each message from scratch, for example you can tag people by name in the files or subjects’ lines, send reminders or suggest similar purchases, send timely messages for their birthdays and a wide range of other possible techniques can create the sentiments of a thoughtful personalized message.

You can send them contact requests or referrals, ask for customer experience reviews and other quick touches to address the readers directly while maintaining the efficiency of the automation process and avoiding having to generate the bulk of the messages for every client.

People want to talk with real humans, they don’t want to believe they are communicating with Artificial Intelligence or that they are the targets of spam mail.