A 3D View for better understanding

A 3-dimensional view of things provides much more information from various angles of any image in order to help learn more and gain more information regarding the subject matter. 3D technology is used in various fields today like medicines, the automobile industry, and various media genres in order to capitalize on the benefits of a 3-dimensional figure.Ever since the late 90’s and the early 2000’s, the technology related to 3D has been growing at such a rapid rate as there is a huge market for it. It started off with movies and video games and comparing the 3D games and movies made today with the ones made even a decade ago shows the rapid rise in the quality of the technology. 3D soon graduated from just media to various other fields and gave birth to new fields like 3D printing as well.

Another set of new genres that have started to be integrated with 3D technology is the realm of Virtual and Augmented Reality. A few years ago, VR and AR was a rare novelty, it is soon being made into a readily available and easily accessible mode of entertainment and learning among the general masses. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality 3D have a lot of potential and can be integrated into various fields just like 3-dimensional technology was back in the day.

One field where these new technologies can be used is the broad world of education. Education needs to keep up with the times and always has kept in sync for generations. The next step for education is to incorporate new-age tech into the way students are taught. Using a 3D view can provide so much more information and help bring out the creativity of kids in a much better way compared to traditional text with 2-dimensional images. 3D AR animals for instance can display so much more about animals in both a simple and complex manner. For the younger minds, learning about the basic features, sizes, colors of animals and associating them with various letters and words is a lot easier seeing a 3D view right in front of their eyes. In a more complex way, the biological facts and features of a particular species can be learned visually through an image generated in Augmented reality for them to see.

Augmented Reality 3D with various models of 3D AR animals can be found easily today using the fectar app. Fectar contains 3D models of :

  • Various species of animals
  • Full-sized models of automobiles
  • Various characters from pop culture etcUsing Augmented Reality 3D tech has never been more convenient. Fectar also contains AR learning courses in order to learn how to use AR in your daily lives and make your presentations and graphical representations much more interesting and effective. Using an image with a 3D view is always more informative in nature, no matter what the purpose may be.The best thing about VR and AR technology is how versatile it is. It can be used for everything from entertainment, to business to learning. The use and prominence of these technologies are only going to rise further as the world shifts to a more digital approach and thus, having a hang of such a concept using apps like fectar can help adapt to the new ways much more smoothly and effectively.