Advertise products with the highest sales

How can you amplify the results of your PPC campaign? Focus on promoting products with the best sales. It’ll capitalize on the popularity of these goods, which can improve your sales, profits, and return on investment (ROI).

If you want to clear your low-selling inventory with advertising, adopt a different approach. Advertise your best-selling products but create a product bundle for each product’s listing — the bundle can combine your most popular and least popular products.

With this approach, you’re leveraging the popularity of your best-selling product to not only clear your low-selling inventory but also sell your most in-demand product. It’s a win-win situation that increases your Amazon sales.

Create an Amazon Store

How else do companies increase their sales on Amazon? With an Amazon Store. An Amazon Store is like a microsite for your company.

With your Amazon Store, you can share your brand and products with consumers. Plus, you can upload high-quality images, as well as include links to your social media pages. Your store homepage can also use widgets that display your best-selling products to shoppers.

Our award-winning design team can also optimize the design of your Amazon Store to maximize conversions. That results in more purchases and revenue for your business, which can support your goals of expanding your product line or growing your team.

Build product bundles

Businesses can also boost their Amazon sales by creating product bundles. For example, you can bundle your grills with a cover and a brush, which encourages shoppers to buy the “complete package” and have everything they need to use and maintain their grill.

If you’re building product bundles, make sure you’re creating packages that make sense. For instance, you wouldn’t sell your grill with a pair of shoes — you’d sell it with a grill-related product, like a brush or cover.

Make your products eligible for Amazon Giveaways

A smart way of increasing your sales on Amazon is through Amazon Giveaways. With Amazon Giveaways, your product receives free promotion and exposure from a range of organizations, like businesses, marketing influencers, and more.

If your company utilizes FBA, you can permit giveaways for select products in your account settings. As a part of your marketing strategy, you can also host a giveaway of your product, which can help your business earn valuable leads and exposure for your product.

A newer strategy for businesses to increase their Amazon sales? Amazon Subscribe and Save. This service provides companies with a reoccurring source of revenue, as shoppers can sign-up for routine product deliveries. Plus, it helps improve brand loyalty.

If you’d like to make your products available for Amazon Subscribe and Save, you can do so in your Amazon Seller account. Note, Amazon requires that Subscribe and Save products maintain an in-stock rate of 85 percent — Amazon bases this percentage on the past 30 days.