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All That You Need To Know About Hpe Storeonce 3100

You might be wondering why we need HPE StoreOnce 3100. So let me tell you that it stores entry-level disk-based backup as well as disaster recovery which are ideal for the branch offices, smaller remote, and also the data centers. You will be amazed to know that this 1U backup system is capable enough to offer you 5.5 TB of usable capacity. While talking about the speed that it offers, it ranges from 6.4 TB per hour with the store once catalyst and the entire backup can complete in only four hours.

Features Of Hpe Storeonce 3100

There are several features of HPE StoreOnce 3100; some of the features are listed below. They are:

Protecting Remote Office

It can be said that the main feature of HPE StoreOnce 3100 is that it protect remote offices. This means that you can easily get the local backup target and additional efficient unique local data repository. Apart from this on running a virtual server environment, you need to select a dedicated appliance like the StoreOnce 3100. But again you need to keep one thing in your mind that this all depends on the performance, infrastructure, and requirement of the remote office deployment.

Reliable Backup And Restore

Everyone is aware of the fact that nowadays the system needs to be highly data protecting and at the same time, it should be highly reliable as well. This is the main reason why HPE StoreOnce makes use of the hardware RAID 5 so that the risk of data loss can be reduced due to disk failure.

It has been noticed that most of them have a question with them about what are the component that one will get once they purchase HPE StoreOnce 3100 system. So let me take you a tour of the kit content. The first thing, which you will be getting in the kit, is the HPE 3100 system. The next thing that you will get is the EAC card followed by an easy install rail kit. Apart from all this, you will also get four quantities of 2 TB to hot-swap hard drives and accessories kit. The accessory kit will include the important card, an Ethernet cable that will be of length 3 meters, and a power cable. The power cable will be of IEC 320 C13 connector for rack PDU. 

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