The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is considered the largest and the most comprehensive global information privacy resource and community. IAPP was founded in 2000. It is also a not-for-profit organisation that helps promote, improve, and define the privacy professional worldwide. 

In today’s technology-driven world, skilled privacy pros are in high demand and the IAPP certification is what employers really want. Once you earn an IAPP credential, you will be recognised as part of the elite group of capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated privacy professionals.

Majority of IAPP members are Data Protection Officers (DPOs), other privacy professionals (i.e., privacy technologists and chief privacy officers), and people who are accountable for an organisation’s data protection compliance. Other members are also those who are developing their skills in order to advance their career in data protection.

When you learn more skills, you are more capable of managing your organisation’s data risks. You can also easily implement the right mitigating measures. IAPP certification and training courses offer several peerless benefits. IAPP certification can also include access to tools, conferences, and knowledge you can’t find anywhere else.

Benefits of IAPP Membership

Delegates have various options available when looking through the courses offered. What makes the IAPP stand out is how they assist the continued professional development of all its members through worldwide conferences and online resources. Its training certifications and courses also incorporate workplace skills and GDPR.

You won’t need any prior training in order to participate in a course. They also offer opportunities for self-directed studies. The IAPP is by far the largest community for privacy training and information. The exam provider brings together professionals that are looking to advance their privacy knowledge and skills.

In essence, the IAPP helps members to thrive in today’s ever-evolving information economy. Below are some of the unmatched benefits an IAPP membership offers:

  • Access to expert analysis, original reporting, web and video conferences that cover various topics, and informative content on privacy—basically all you need to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • A resource centre with templates and tools that are designed to make the roles of Data Protection Officers easier and simpler. Using the resources can help members become efficient and organised.
  • While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected in-person events and conferences, the IAPP has hosted large events for its members worldwide. Typically, members can attend conferences in Europe, the UK and around the world. IAPP events often feature breakout sessions, workshops, training groups, and expert speakers.

Maintaining Your IAPP Certification

All CIPP, CIPM, and IAPP award holders are required to complete 20 hours of privacy education (CPE) for each of the qualifications they have. Often, this is something privacy professionals and Data Protection Officers may do to be ahead of the pack. 

All that’s needed is for them to provide proof the hours have been completed and they will earn CPE points. The points can also be earned through a vast range of other activities including:

  • Downloading of white papers or books
  • Reading of news articles
  • Accessing resources and tools
  • Viewing of web conferences or videos
  • Attending conferences and seminars

The process exists to guarantee that all members are kept up to date with all the latest in the data privacy space. It is also considered beneficial for the employers’ GDPR compliance requirements as they can showcase staff accountability.

Regardless if you are a DPO or someone who works in data protection compliance or privacy management, learning new skills is crucial. The IAPP is an active community that will support you and all its members to develop their data privacy knowledge through study groups, exam preparation, and post-certification education.