Discover Ease, Security And Connectivity With Veeam Cloud Connect

The safety of data and confidential information for your business is paramount, which is why Veeam cloud connect is a popular choice for cloud storage and disaster recovery. Breaches in your cyber security could be disastrous for your enterprise and could result in a financial loss and significant downtime to recover and re-establish your business operations. Unfortunately, cyber threats and hacking are quickly advancing, and more people are finding themselves under a black hat. Whether to hold your data ransom or for malicious intent, cyber threats are a serious affliction on businesses and can cause considerable damage. 

Modern data storage solutions such as Veeam cloud connect gives service providers an extensive range of storage, backup and recovery solutions. Moving your data has never been easier and all without compromising your confidential documents or online security. Simnet provides innovative IT solutions to its clients and recommends Veeam cloud connect as the prevailing data storage solution. Give your business a competitive edge and move towards innovative solutions for your growing business. 

Is The Cloud A Superior Data Storage Solution?

Storing your data on-site or on outdated hardware comes with many risks. The downtime your business experiences while recovering data loss or moving data from one server to the next is an inconvenience to your clients and employees alike. But, when you move to the cloud, your business can thrive with the ease of storing and sharing files online and in real-time, making productivity a primed function in your newly established online server. Take a look at the advantages of cloud computing for your business:

  • Flexibility – scaling up or down according to your business means you can remain agile and competitive in your industry. In addition, flexibility sustains operational integrity and cultivates more profound management of turnover. 
  • Keep data safe – cloud computing offers extensive disaster recovery for your business.
  • Update on time – updates are important to ensure you get the most out of your cloud experience. Your service provider will manage security and software updates so you can focus on other important things, like growing your business.
  • Minimize capital expenditure – investing in hardware can be a substantial financial obligation and takes considerably longer to set up and configure. By adopting the cloud, you can simply pay as you go with a subscription-based model that won’t hurt your bottom line. 
  • Promote collaboration – cloud-based computing allows employees to access, edit and share files anytime and from anywhere. Not only does this promote teamwork, but it also facilitates better output and turnover. 
  • Spare your productivity – cloud computing allows you to work anywhere and at any time, and with mobile apps now available from cloud service providers, there is no restriction as to the device you have on hand. This means employees can have flexibility and are not bound to one computer for the duration of their workday. 
  • Save time – considerably the largest motivator for moving to the cloud, many companies advocate for the time-saving factor that cloud computing offers. 

Scaling your business is not an easy task, but there are many measures you can put in place to make your business goals and objectives more achievable. One such measure is by investing in Veeam cloud connect. By adopting this innovative storage solution for your business, you are supplemented with professional storage and security services that ensure your information is encrypted every step of the way. 

So, if you want to prevent the consequences of human error, hardware failure or disasters that threaten your valuable data, then Veeam cloud connect backup and disaster recovery is exactly what you need. Simnet is a proud service provider and recommends Veeam as an innovative solution to cloud computing for your business.