Does Free VPN Good For Your Privacy?

The demand for VPN is highly increasing and so, there are plenty of free VPNs promised to safeguard your privacy, keep your anonymity online, and hide your browsing history. Is it true? Does a free VPN protect your privacy? Every privacy-conscious people want the internet to be a hostile place. Internet providers are likely to sell your browsing data, hackers collect a huge amount of information, and even, governments can also keep an eye on you. Therefore, most people select the Best Free VPN to protect themselves from spies and snoopers.

Is free VPN tries to solve your problem?

No, they can simply put your privacy at risk. VPN’s are actually made for employees who want to stay in connection from home with their office network. These are quite useful while moving on a business trip too. But, VPN’s are now utilized to hide your internet traffic and location. This same technique enables dissidents to easily break censorship in their countries.

What actually a VPN does? It encrypts all your online traffic to the VPN server and therefore, it becomes hard for anyone to find what you are doing on the internet. The actual fact is that VPN does not give you any anonymity to protect your privacy. It just diverts all your traffic to a VPN server instead of the system of the internet provider.

Should I trust the free VPN?

You should not trust the free ones as they make money from your data. VPNs that cost nothing get support from ads. This simply means that they take your traffic and sell it to other interested parties to provide you targeted ads when you connect to the VPN. They try to inject advertisements into the website, which you often visit.

On the other hand, many premium and paid VPNs are available. They are not anonymous and more mindful regarding your privacy. This is because they are connected with your billing address. Thus, paid VPNs like Express vpn solve the issue of directing all your traffic to some unreliable companies. They safeguard your privacy without storing any logs. Even, they cannot track the websites that you want to visit.

Bottom lines:

It is not saying that all VPNs are dishonest and invades your privacy. The problem is that you cannot understand how your data can be used. Express VPN is one of the stand-alone VPNs, which helps you create and manage your own server with the help of a cloud service. Though VPNs are useful, you have to realize their limitations instead of completely relying on them.