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How Car Detailing Work Is Done?

People often mistake car detailing with car washing but they are not the same. Detailed car washing is the process that goes beyond the normal wash which makes the vehicle appear spotlessly clean not only from outside but also inside. The mobile detailing does not use the automated mated system to do the work. It involves handwashing by very professional and experienced detailers.

The car detailing can be subdivided into two types-

  1. Exterior Car Detailing

 It is a process that involves restoring, surpassing, and vacuuming the outer components of the vehicle like windows, tires, wheels, etc. The products used are degreasers, wax, detergents, and polishes to make a seamless surface.

The standard processes in exterior car detailing involve-

  • Drying and washing

The detailing work is done by the hands of experienced detailers. It involves spraying the car with a specialized spray and then all the door jambs, glass, rims of the car are hand-washed.

  • Claying

In this process, to remove any kind of impurities a clay bar is used. It helps in banishing any traces of overspray and other residues of the detergents.

  • Polishing

The car losses polish or shine after being used for a considerable amount of time. Its original polish is restored with the process of polishing.

  • Sealing

The end step involves giving the car that glossy look. This is done by applying sealant or wax.

  1. Interior Car Detailing

It is a process that involves the washing and deep cleaning of inner parts of the vehicle like interior cabinets, natural fibers, leather, plastics, vinyl, seats, etc. Vacuuming and steam-cleaning are done to carry out the washing.

The standards process in inner car detailing are-

  • Vacuuming

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirt from headliners, seats, trunk, and shelf, and rear cargo area. The floor mats should be cleaned separately to obtain the best results out of vacuuming. In difficult areas, where a vacuum cleaner cannot reach, an air compressor does the job.

  • Glass Cleaning

To ensure a better view of the driver’s side, a special glass cleaner is used to clean the glass.

  • Steam Cleaning

This process is used to clean mats and carpets. At the initial step, the mats are scrubbed thoroughly to remove any kind of stains and blemishes contained in a region over the years. The most effective way to do that by using a steam cleaner. After the steam cleaning, the carpets are left to dry completely.

  • Perfuming

The final step is to leave the car with a good fragrance. It is done by spraying deodorant in the car.

Are you fascinated by the precision with which the detailing work is carried out? This ensures that your car is free from any damages such as peeling, flaking, cracking, damage from acids, or rust. The process surely makes the car look brand new and thus increases its resale value. If you are planning to sell your car, you should consider getting the detailing done before the trade. You can contact us, Mobile Detailing in Melbourne to assist you in the process.

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