How to Save Money With Phone Service

Businesses with heavy phone service needs may want to think about getting a

business VOIP phone service. This type of advanced phone service offers many ways to save money and get better service:

First, you will save a lot by not having regular telephone line costs. Your traditional phone lines will be replaced with a SIP trunk. This will save you up to 50% on your phone bill each month. This is a huge savings that also gives you more performance with direct inward dialing and other features.

Most people love the cost savings and choose VOIP for that reason alone.

Second, you can easily have remote workers with VOIP phone service. For a company with a lot of employees working at home, people with remote phones can do their work from almost anywhere. Plus, the managers can keep track of what their remote workers are doing by seeing status on their PCs. Some businesses can cut their real estate costs a lot by using remote workers with VOIP phone services.

Third, this service allows you to have a direct inward dial. It means your workers have a direct phone line number so calls do not have to go through administrators or secretaries. This allows the receptionist to have more time to do her other duties. This increases customer service and can save money.

Fourth, your VOIP system will have excellent mobility features. Some people need their desk and mobile phones to ring at the same time because they never know where they will be. You get this feature with VOIP.

Fifth, most VOIP systems feature text messaging. This lets you communicate with people in the office from desk to desk and you don’t have to pay texting costs.

Sixth, a VOIP system is easy to use and service. Depending on your requirements, every user can have permissions in a web portal to handle voice greetings, access button controls and print their phone labels. This will reduce expensive service calls and custom make the phone experience for each user.

It is clear that using VOIP phone service is a good way to reduce your business costs and provide better service for your customers and employees. This is the second decade of the 21st century, so it’s important to leverage the advances of technology as much as we can to save money and expand our operations efficiently.