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Important information on Cloud based hosting

Cloud based hosting has emerged as the preferred choice of website creators for several reasons. First, a person or company with little to no IT skills can set up a website using this technology. Second, the cost of using this technology is low, yet it delivers on all the promises made by service providers. Third, this technology is capable of meeting the demands of high-traffic websites.

Cloud based hosting for a site can boost loading speeds dramatically. This, in turn, can have a tremendous positive impact on a site s organic search ranking. There are, however, other cloud hosting benefits that will impact a site s search engine performance, particularly in terms of smartphone use. Since more people access their smartphones through their devices than their desktop computers, it only makes sense to use this technology on these devices. One cloud hosting solution provider noted that smartphone use is up 6% annually.

The use of smartphones has already helped to boost SEO rankings, and cloud hosting solutions are poised to help increase search engine ranking for smartphones as well. There are already many SEO companies offering hosted SEO services. A business owner seeking a way to get his or her website noticed by search engines will want to consider using a hosted solution. Many of these SEO companies offer cloud services that can deliver SEO results in a matter of days.

Benefits of Cloud based hosting

The benefit to using this type of cloud hosting service is the availability of numerous apps for use on smartphones. An example of such an app would be Latitude. This location-based app allows a user with an iPhone to enter a new address and then receives directions to that address from the user’s smartphone.

The data storage provided by the service provider could be used to provide directions as well as phone calls to this destination. As more people use location-based services such as Latitude, they will want to make use of more of these services to find their way. Users will also be able to store more data for future searches, and this means they may see a rise in overall SEO results.

In terms of security, cloud hosting benefits from the fact that most users are comfortable using a variety of apps that are available through the hosted environment. The concern for security usually involves concerns about the handling of personal information. However, smartphone users are comfortable using apps that give them access to their email, contacts, calendars and other data. Thus, cloud hosting offers a way to ensure that most users will feel comfortable accessing these types of data.

The final key takeaway from this article revolves around the impact that it can have on a small business budget. When a small business utilizes this type of computing, its IT costs are likely to go down. The provider will pay a portion of the cost of the computer servers, virtualization and other aspects of the service, which will then allow a smaller business to have more of its data stored in a reliable, low-cost hosting environment. Cloud computing can benefit anyone, no matter what industry they are in.

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