Testing the Russian Malahit DSP-2

If you are a listening enthusiast, odds are, you know by now about the Malahit SDR. There is the Russian original and the ones that were duplicated in China, with different firmware and slightly different physical aspects as well. These include the location of the tuning encoders.

The news about this Malahit SDR dongles spread about two years ago, with several articles explaining the difference between Malahit and Afedri LAN-IQ SDR.

Right about that time, we’ve also witnessed the Belarusian Belka SDR. In my humble opinion, consider the latest Belka DX is the perfect portable option that is definitely a must-have for just about any listening enthusiast out there.

I was waiting for the standalone Afedri LAN-IQ version to appear before actually buying myself one. It was created in Israel by a developer from Russia who is constantly issuing new firmware updates. Still, upgrading the thing is somewhat problematic as it does involve obscure boot-loading software indeed.

I was waiting for the actual original Malahit version reviews and, once the designer himself announced that the new DSP-2 version of the receiver was hitting the shelves, I went ahead and bought it. After all, it featured the expanded coverage to 2 GHz and an overall amped up performance.

Someone in here mentioned that the project was open source, so everything, from schematics to software was available for a free download. Which is why people were hoping that this thing would become more widely-spread among the shortwave receivers on a global scale.

The author of the project, wanted to design a definitive, affordable SDR radio that is portable and compiled out of easily obtainable components. The end goal here was to become the next Degen and Tecsun radios.

The time for the Malahit at that time was about $200. It covered up to 1 GHz but the coverage was extended to 2 GHz later on. They also added the AM mode as well as the DSP-2 mode that came with the internal battery tray for one 18650 Li-on battery.

In the event that you are looking for more information on the matter, I would recommend you visit the source – There, you will be able to get all of your facts straight in no time at all, so feel free to explore the forum and make the right call in no time at all.