Users from 150 countries, 500 million audiences: the social network TikTok continues to gain momentum. According to UBS Evidence Lab, in 2019 TikTok took 4th place in terms of the use among social networks and messengers. It is advantageous to save video without a watermark using tiktok downloader.

The Chinese social network literally “blew up” the Internet, almost instantly gaining popularity and recognition of a multi-age audience. Wikipedia says that in China, 60% of Tiktokers aged 25-44 use the application, and outside the Middle Kingdom – 43% over 25 years old.

A stream of bloggers and advertisers rushed here, and TikTok has turned into an excellent platform for selling goods and services. With its help, you can increase brand awareness and attract subscribers to your Instagram account, YouTube, etc.

Why Is Social Network So Popular?

TikTok successfully occupied the niche of Vine, which closed in 2017 and took a piece of the “pie” from Instagram Stories. Originally, the Chinese app only allowed editing, adding music, and posting short videos. But almost 3 years ago, the developer merged TikTok and, a popular social network for creating videos, live broadcasts, and messaging.’s large user base immediately joined the ranks of TikTokers.

The format for creating and publishing mini-videos is mega-popular among young people and middle-aged audiences. The application provides extensive options for video editing (adding stickers and music, trimming and slowing down videos, etc.). The feed reflects trends and interesting content. Subscriptions, likes, messages are all available here.

In addition, the TikTok platform does not get tired of developing and does not forget to update. Important advantages of the application: it is absolutely free and works with iOS or Android operating systems. Overall, it is a pretty interesting project that deserves attention. It is quite easy to use and does not take a lot of time to learn.