Tips Before Resetting And Unlocking Your Phone

Doing a hard reset to a Samsung will restore your mobile to the same state it had when you bought it; it will be like new, at least inside.

This means that applications, internal memory, contacts, photos, videos, text messages, and other personal information you have saved on your device will be deleted.

How To Reset Samsung

All login information will be erased, so be sure to remember your username and password for all apps and accounts, for example, Google / Gmail, Facebook, and even your bank app.

Because after resetting the Samsung, all that will disappear, at least from your device. What will be kept will be the Android updates that have been installed on the device.

Therefore, before resetting a Samsung, it is essential to make a backup of everything you want to keep. We will then tell you how to make a backup of contacts, photos, videos, applications, music, messages, or other various files.

Perhaps this is also an excellent opportunity to clean up all those things that you no longer need to have stored on your mobile. Remember, you have to make room in life for new things to come in. And that fits your mobile too.

Unlocking Your Phone

You may also be familiar with the International Roaming service, in which you pay a fee to be able to use your cell phone outside the country where your operator has coverage. When unlocking your cell phone, this service is no longer necessary because you can use your phone with any sim card from any cell phone operator in the world and the best thing is that you can unlock your device on your own, directly from your home.

So, if you want to learn how to disable operator restrictions on your cell phone and increase the sale price of your phone (unlock Tracfone phones) click the link.