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Top Reasons to Use Text Marketing and SMS Marketing Platform

You’ve been accustomed to lead generation platforms like email, banner ads, Google Ads, and Facebook advertising campaigns as a digital marketer. However, mobile devices have a brand new platform for reaching a highly targeted, responsive audience: SMS Marketing, also known as Text Marketing. Text messaging is fast becoming one of the most powerful and dependable ways to connect with your customers. “Why should we use SMS marketing platforms?” you may wonder.

Our response is straightforward: “If your customers are texting, why aren’t you?” Text message marketing helps you to communicate with your consumers on the devices they bring around with them all day, every day. If that isn’t enough to convince you to use Text Marketing in your marketing mix, here are six more reasons to think about it. SMS Marketing is a brand-new way of communicating brands with their customers.

Your customers’ phones have a very private relationship with them. It has to do with how they communicate with their friends and relatives. In reality, most people aim for it first thing when they wake up. You’ll have an instant, more personal way to have a one-on-one discussion with your consumer once your brand is welcomed into this inner circle — caveat: you’ll need permission.

SMS Marketing is a simple way for companies to communicate with their customers. It doesn’t get any easier than sending a text message. The key for advertisers is to be able to have an engaging conversation despite being limited to about 160 characters at a time. Short messages with reward competitions, voucher redemption, opt-in surveys, and polls help the discussion move forward. On your direct mail, mobile, website, and social media accounts, include your SMS number or a short code. This is a tried and tested method of getting customers to sign up for your SMS marketing campaigns.

A consumer’s phone relationship, when paired with a permission-based relationship with your brand, can be a powerful marketing tool. Surprisingly, the majority of customers prefer to communicate with businesses through text, just as they do with their family and friends. This responsive audience can be a lucrative one if you get their permission. But don’t go overboard. Nobody wants their phone to be inundated with unsolicited messages. Consider that sending more than 2–4 texts per month can irritate your customer. You can make a correlation if the deal is appropriate and written explicitly for the particular customer. You can also submit a group text — targeting a bigger audience — with a coupon or special offer they can’t resist.

  •  It’s simple to set up, manage, and monitor

Most SMS marketing platforms allow you to track and calculate the success of each SMS campaign quickly and easily. Since Text Marketing is permission-based, you’re off to a great start: you’ll know exactly who you’re texting and, as a result, you’ll be able to collect extremely precise information about your clients, such as demographics, preferences, buying history, and more! Every marketer’s Holy Grail is proving marketing value, and SMS Marketing, when properly incorporated into your CRM, enables you to monitor the success of your text messaging campaigns in real time — even mass texting can be tracked with ease.