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Top SEO Tricks to Understand

India has become one of the most favored nation for SEO services. The reason apparent is affordable price and quality services. If you are thinking to hire a Digital Marketing Company in India then it’s good, but if you wish to do yourself then its best. SEO is not a tough skill to learn, but you need to have time. 

Now, before you jump on the SEO bandwagon, there are several tips and tricks that you must know to understand how SEO works, how it will benefit you and your business, and why you should be using it. Here is all you need to know. 

The Title

Come up with a title of the phrase that is directly connected to the post or the product and is also very attractive and has the right keywords. The title is what the users read first, and if it is something lame or boring, there are lesser chances of the user going through. Keep the description also as close to the product as possible and only use the Meta-words in it. 

The Images 

Put in equal effort in both the text and the picture of the post. Regarding customer attraction and engagement, the image holds a little bit more value than the text as it attracts more people and keeps them glued to the article. Choose the right image for the right article so that the SEO can track back the searches to you and guide people to your post. The better you optimize your photos and text, the higher you would be ranked and the more traffic you will attract to your platform. 

The Content 

Irrespective of the line of business that you are in, the kind of product or service that you provide, or the number of years for which you have been active, your content will always be important. Focus on quality content as it has all the benefits that you need to help the business. 

It helps attract more traffic to the website, it helps the SEO work better, and it helps you get a high online ranking. The right SEO services in India will help you streamline your content as per requirements. 

The Website 

There are several factors related to the quality and health of your website that may affect SEO. Firstly, you need to make sure that it is well optimized for mobile devices as a big part of the online traffic will be from here. Secondly, make sure that there are no broken links, 404 errors, or any bugs on your website. 

Also, make sure to closely monitor the response time of your website to ensure a great customer experience. All these factors play an important role in your website getting a respectable online ranking. 

Social Media 

Social media is the best platform for anyone to promote themselves. Sort out the right platform according to your target audience and make sure you attract the right kind of people. It helps you bring a good brand name and allow you to interact with your customers freely. It is a great way to get your word out there, and a strong social media presence helps increase your rankings. 


One major factor that most sites overlook is the length of the URL. People are going to remember you and the website more if you engineer a shorter URL. Moreover, it also helps the SEO to better optimize the search results and lead people to you. Therefore, keep the URL as short and simple as possible for the keywords to also make a hit on your website. 

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