What are cold calls: top 3 tips to switch to effective technology for such communications

Cold calls are a good solution for commerce, even now, after decades of effective use of this method to inform potential customers about a product or service and generate their interest in buying. Learn more about what is cold calls today, tells a detailed analytical publication of experts Reply.

Now we will talk about several universal and effective ways to activate cold calls even in competitive communications.

First, try to introduce the potential customer and research if possible

Segmenting the cold call market is quite possible. If we are talking about connecting by phone with a person about whom at least minimal information is known. Here it is possible to conduct a preliminary study of his needs and requests. Leaving a phone number in the registration on a site presenting information about a product indicates interest. But maybe the buyer just hasn’t taken the time to find out the product’s characteristics in detail? Or he hasn’t yet chosen a particular product and is determined? All these assumptions are extremely valuable for creating conversation prerequisites and versions of communication. Scenario templates of conversations with the help of cold calls technology will help you find the best version of the dialogue and prompt the right way to communicate and get the necessary information, prepare for the dialogue and the possible transformation of the purchase request into a purchase.

By the way, you can even use a profile on LinkedIn or another social network that matches the direction of the potential customer for this study. This is especially good for business contacts.

Finding the optimal time: a personalized approach

Is it better to have more calls or is it better to have fewer, but ones that will bring success? Actually, both work. But if there is a certain focus of the business and the approximation of a person’s work and rest mode, you should stick to that mode. And don’t interrupt the evening meal with an annoying call about an offer. The best times to make sales calls, according to most researchers’ observations:

  • 10 – 11.30;
  • 13:30;
  • sometimes after 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These time slots are after the morning rush or as soon as they return from lunch or have already completed their work routine and are on their way home or on the road.

Try writing a letter and then calling

Etiquette hasn’t been canceled. It’s best not to take a potential client by surprise, but to let them know by email that they can call at a specified time. And if the potential client is okay with that, by default, they can wait for the call. This can work, because then people are prepared, they know who is calling them and why, even from an unfamiliar number. Plus, the call can be rescheduled for another, more convenient time. And that’s always a good thing when a potential buyer is in contact and starts a dialogue.