What Is Inkjet Printer? What Are The Benefits Of Inkjet Printing?

Inkjet Printers were introduced at the end of the 1980s. They are the predecessors of laser printers and have successively enhanced in popularity and performance. 

Before we learn about the pros of inkjet printing, you need to understand the working of inkjet printers. Inkjet technology uses hundreds of nozzles or miniature guns to fire ink drops onto the paper for recreating a text or image. 

The ink drop‘s diameter is around 50 microns, which means it is smaller than a human hair or red blood cells. Human eyes cannot perceive the minute ink drops. Besides, magenta, cyan, black, and yellow inks are sprayed together accurately and with extreme precisions. 

Spraying dots in thousands with extreme precision empowers the printer to transform ink dots into images and texts. Need More Ink focuses on offering premium quality printing products, timely delivery, and unmatched customer service. Just give their online store a visit!

Benefits of inkjet printing

Enhanced image quality

Investing in a reliable inkjet printer is because of the quality of image this technology has to offer. Placing ink dots precisely with high resolutions – 1440 X 1440 dpi [dots per inch]. More dpi means better and accurate image replication with precise color and shading reproduction. You gain life-like quality graphics and photographs.

Better image color

Better image quality also means better color. Technology and ink usage behind inkjet printing means the image or text reproduced has vivid colors and extreme brightness with exceptional shading and toning. Manufacturers are also making efforts to enhance ink making for enhancing inkjet printing colors. 

Low prices

The image quality may not be the top feature to make a purchase decision but its pricing probably is. It doesn’t matter, if you are buying the printer for residential or commercial purposes, everyone prefers to save as much as possible. 

Inkjet printer’s popularity has also increased because of its appealing purchase cost. Inkjet printers in terms of capabilities and qualities will always be less than the laser printer. Inkjet printer’s multifunctional aspect offers exceptional money value. If you don’t desire to spend a lot on the next printer or desire to gain the best value then an inkjet printer is an ideal choice.


Inkjets do have some amazing speed advantages. Even if they take a long time to print in comparison to laser printers, they don’t need the warm-up time. They receive documents and start printing promptly. Just look at the way inkjet printers are used, if you still feel skeptical about their capabilities.

  • Photographers use it because they can print A2 borderless stunning images with professional quality. 
  • Families choose it because they can take advantage of its versatile multifunction aspect without denting their wallets. These printers fit ideally on shelves and desks. Extra cash means they can upgrade to a cloud or wireless printer for easy printing from Smartphones or around the house. 
  • Businesses invest in inkjet printers for printing their marketing materials and other relevant projects. Inkjet is making a comeback in areas like long-term ink replacement costs and speed. 

With inkjet printers, you can experience affordability and quality printing!