Your A – Z Guide to Buying a Rack Case

If you’re looking for a rack case, you’re probably a musician, a band or a person who manages various audio equipment kinds. Rack cases come in most handy for musicians and bands touring from one place to another. Music and audio equipment are expensive. Damaging them is not a worthwhile experience. Rack cases are the professional way of handling your microphones, mixers, processors, and other wireless audio gears.

Rack cases come in different sizes and compartments to match your standard audio gears. A 10U rack case is one of the most used protection gear in the market, be it for local gigs or tours worldwide.

Choosing the Right Case

Audio equipment, hands down, are expensive! Hence, we understand the protection it needs from any damage. Buying a rack case is a one-time investment. Therefore, you must make the right choice.

There are two types of rack cases to choose from. One thing in common is, they are portable.

If you’re a small band who likes to play in local pubs or cafes during the weekend, a portable rack bag may be enough for you. Short distance transport is usually not too harsh on the equipment. The rack bags can protect from minor scratches, dust and bumps.

As the name suggests, hard cases are made of rugged material designed to maximize your sound equipment protection. If you’re a frequent tourer, there is a lot of loading and unloading to be done. With this comes unprecedented collisions and bumps along the way. However, hard cases are made with shock mounts that will instead absorb the shock without damaging any gear inside the case. Hard cases are also rated by the Air Transport Association (ATA) for airline travel.

Should You Choose a 10u Rack Case?

Many brands are offering 10u Rack Cases for the protection of sound equipment. However, most of the features among all brands have similar functions at the end of the day. So, while we explain what a 10u rack case can do, you can choose which brand you want.

  • The case is ATA rated and safe for airline travel.
  • The body can be made with a combination of steel rack rails, wood, polyethylene to provide maximum protection to the gear inside.
  • The body is made to be shock and water-resistant with heavy-duty, easily removable latches.
  • Most hard cases like the 10u rack cases come with wheels to ease transportation. The wheels can be taken off when not in need.
  • When at a stationary position, the rack cases can be locked from all sides for secure use of the sound equipment.
  • The rack can also be dismantled from all sides and can be reassembled with ease.


Sound rack cases are an expensive investment. But at the same time, they are built to last for a lifetime. Therefore, most brands provide a full warranty covering any damage to the hard shell of the case. Just make sure you keep the warranty card of the case safe.