3 Future Technologies Making Parking Lots Safer For Pedestrians

As the urban population number is increasing, the pedestrians will face more difficulties in parking lots. When it comes to parking lots, safety should be the first concern. However, these are built to accommodate vehicles, not pedestrians. 

The result is obvious. The pedestrians will be exposed to more accidents. According to a study report, 1 in 4 accidents related to pedestrians occur in parking lots. Therefore, it is essential to use plastic jersey barriers and advanced detectors to minimize the risk. 

Many of us are aware of crosswalk related technologies. These are undoubtedly effective to make a parking lot safe for pedestrians. Also, you will have to use some other advanced technologies to make it safer. 

In this article, we will discuss such three technologies that can minimize accidents in parking lots significantly.

1. Pedestrian Detectors

As we know, crosswalks can make parking lots safe for pedestrians. You can also use an advanced driver assistance system to know about the pedestrians who are close to your vehicle. 

The crosswalks are widely used since they enable drivers to identify any pedestrian who is crossing the street. However, if you will not be attentive, you can ignore the signal and cause something unpredictable. Therefore, you will have to think a step ahead.

You can consider using pedestrian detectors. These are well made and well-equipped and can prevent accidents in parking lots. Some popular detectors are safe to walk and C-walk. You will find many other options as well. 

These devices will detect the pedestrian’s presence. Users will receive some signals when the device detects waiting for pedestrians. Also, they will show a green light when the pedestrian will be around so that you can smoothly and safely drive without causing any harm.

Different types of pedestrian detectors are available. When some detect waiting pedestrians, others detect the pedestrians present in the crosswalk. Some will extend the green light to ensure that the pedestrian can pass safely. By using these technologies, you can expect a safe environment for drivers as well as pedestrians.

2. Pedestrian Switch Pads

Cameras are considered the only way to detect pedestrians. Now you can find another solution, a pedestrian switch pad. It is pressure sensitive and super thin. The pad will act as a call button. 

You can use this technology to know the presence of pedestrians, cars, or bicycles. All the bumps on the pedestrian pad will contain a high-sensitivity switch. 

You can use it to determine the movement of pedestrians as well. If you use it for crosswalks, you can know whether the pedestrian is exiting or entering the crosswalk.

The pad can be best to prevent an accident. But the downside is that the pedestrian needs to step on the pad to offer the required data. Many cities are planning to use this technology in parking lots to prevent accidents. These pads should be placed in such a way that the pedestrians can step on them to trigger a signal.

3. Pedestrian GPS

Visually impaired pedestrians face more difficulties in parking lots. They cannot read the signs or even see the traffic lights. Therefore, they put their life at risk without being aware of the surrounding. In that case, voice-controlled GPS units can be useful. 

These are designed for visually impaired pedestrians. These devices will help to navigate cities and locate themselves. GPS devices can help large cities since they can integrate with the public transportation routes that include bus directions, subways, and even trains.

Users can also use it as a discovery tool. It can help them to navigate the street when they are unsure about the destination. If users want, they can save some key locations, including their homes, office, or bus stand. You can also use it as an FM radio or MP3 player when you are not using it to navigate the parking lots or cities.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that technologies can help all types of pedestrians to prevent an accident in parking lots. As we live in a world of technologies, we should embrace the right technologies to minimize accidents or improve traffic flow. 

Technology should protect both drivers and pedestrians. In addition to the above technologies, pedestrian crossing signs, speed bumps, and traffic safety cones can save pedestrians’ lives in parking lots.