Today’s modern and busy world it has made it necessary to give people space and time to engage in text communication from their smartphones. Wow! look at the features that makes Do it later app special. A common situation all of us face today is due to many works we are involved we got to schedule with a time frame that these works got to happen. 

Do it later app does just this. One could schedule and time a text message, an email to be delivered and do it later app will automatically do it as per the set schedule. So, get about your work without worries as you know your trusted do it app will do the job for you. Not just one text message but a lot of messages can be sent from the do it later app. Reminders could be set on an event or events so that one need not fill one’s physical memory with these that have to happen giving one a free mind and letting the app do it for you.

Running background apps like Do it later may affect your device performance and battery life. This may be noticeable on low and mid-range devices only. If you experience any performance drop, you can use apps like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner to booster your Android device performance.

Schedule all SMS and Messages

Although a smartphone will have these features in it, a do it later app will add more value to the smartphone with its additional user-friendly features. Scheduling events can be made to meet a specific time or a time range. A single message can be scheduled to be received by many recipients. Name, time, location, the varying factors are supported by the app so that the user have the option of changing the message contents to suit the many individual receivers of this message. 

Set self-reminders on scheduled events to suit you like in intervals of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, daily, weekly or otherwise. Sometimes after compiling a text, one would wonder if the message has turned out fine or require any adjustments. With the countdown option Do it Later app allows one to cancel the message at the scheduled send out time. One could template and save frequently sent messages format to be used multiple times in the future thereby avoiding the need to redo the message again from the beginning. 

By engaging the Auto-reply mode on incoming text messages and calls one’s response to these will be done automatically as per one’s schedule time which could be within seconds or at a later time. This way the user of the app can conveniently prioritise the response in a way the user wants. With a simple touch turn on or off the auto-reply mode. 

A reply rule setting in the app allows one to set a rule for each contact. For example, contact at the bakery shop response just once. To the medical pharmacy contact response three times, etc. Do it later app will make life easier for you now.

You can free download and install this application on any Android phone or tablet using AC Market. AC Market offers many Android apps and games for free.