4 Technological Innovations that Surprise the Industry

Glasses that assist you with GPS and phone calls, a bassinet specialized in relaxing babies and a work tool that simulates a video game are some of the technological innovations that have surprised the industry.

A large number of experts in technological innovation affirm that, for an innovative technological project to be successful and transcend in time, it must have the objective of solving people’s needs.

We present four hardware and software development projects that have surprised different sectors of the industry, such as health, employment, well-being, fashion, and motorcycle industries.

Glasses for augmented experience

When 5th Dimension researched what features today’s hottest tech glasses should include, it found that some of the most requested were: GPS directions and phone calls.

Based on this, the company developed Sonic Frames, glasses that can include prescription or dark lenses, which become a hands-free kit with which you can safely increase audio and vision.

“The glasses, which offer technology and style, are connected to the phone via Bluetooth 5.0. They also include four microphones and a touch-sensitive surface for answering calls,” the company reports.

“You also have access to a voice assistant to read text messages or Internet searches,” he adds.

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Sleeping a baby

Which parent has not experienced the difficulty of putting a baby to sleep? 4moms is a company that specializes in project development and innovation in the baby accessories sector.

Their new product is the mamaRoo sleep bassinet, a bassinet with Artificial Intelligence software used to relax and sleep babies.

After a series of studies, the movements that best relax babies were integrated: car ride, sea wave, kangaroo, swing and rock-a-bye.

As a complement, the sounds: rain, ocean, fan and “shush” are also offered.

“This device can be used through an app for smartphones and tablets, in which movements are controlled and sleep routines can be programmed for the baby,” explains 4moms.

Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Smart helmets aren’t exactly “new” anymore since they are available to the market since 2018. Yet, the companies are continuously working on upping the ante on the safety and technology fronts.

So, what new smart helmets to consider for 2021?

French startup EyeLights provides helmet HUD and intercom system to make any type of helmet smart. This device also includes bluetooth connectivity, motorcycle GPS, integrated comm system, etc.)

It is expected to see both smart helmets available to the market in early 2021.

Work in “video game” mode

Imagine collaborating at work in such a joyous and interactive way, as if you were playing a video game. A new device enables this process.

Since 2015, the Klaxoon company has been researching gadgets that improve daily interactions between work teams. This year it presented its new innovation: the Klaxoon Teamplayer console.

“The worker can navigate in a fluid and fun way through the activities of the work team, since the operation of the console simulates a video game,” explains the developer.

By means of a remote control that presents a palette of 9 action buttons, each screen is adjusted in real time, causing everyone involved to be informed of the team’s actions.