Avoid Suspension of Forged or Manipulated Documentation – Deliver Good Products

We have recently seen Amazon suspending sellers under the Forged or Manipulated Documentation Suspension category. Amazon checks its seller’s supply and chain information at intervals. This may happen in a week or a month. It depends on Amazon’s observation or monitoring method.

This is a normal procedure where certain documents or invoices are requested by the affiliate marketer. By chance Amazon finds that the invoice or document submitted is forged, they suspend the sellers’ account. Some sellers do forge data and information purposely to send it to Amazon to maintain a good reputation with the business. However, if Amazon finds suspicious activities or manipulates documents, it can suspend the account immediately.

Many times, even when sellers submit legitimate invoices, they still get suspended by Amazon. This is completely Amazon’s fault for accusing the seller incorrectly. In such cases, sellers have no option other than to approach appeal services to prove their innocence.

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services helps in reinstating accounts that get suspended due to forged or manipulated supplier documentation. They help clients in both cases when they were wrongly accused or when they are guilty. They work with the Amazon Seller Performance team and decide a plan of action that helps to reinstate the account in 24-48 hours. Their 24 hours available customer service team and in-house lawyers devote all their experience to help their clients in the best way.

Forged or Manipulated Documentation Suspension is a difficult scenario that takes time to solve. Sometimes sellers send incorrect invoices and instead of informing them, Amazon suspends their account claiming their invoice to be forged or manipulated. Such scenarios are tricky to solve, but they aren’t impossible to handle. Getting suspended for such an issue is a unique scenario that requires a lot of documents to prove innocence.

  • When Amazon asks for the invoice, the seller should not make any changes to it. Forget about photoshop simply send it the way it is, because any changes are considered manipulation.
  • Don’t highlight any amount, a statement on the invoice. Amazon may have allowed this in their rules, but they can also claim that it has been done to highlight manipulated data.
  • Don’t use any software or programming to make changes to the invoice. An invoice is a simple piece of paper with billing details that doesn’t require any editing.
  • To avoid any editing or alteration by others, simply send the documents in PDF format and not in MS word.
  • Don’t make any changes to the packing list or to the documents that you know can be asked by Amazon anytime for scrutiny.
  • Don’t hire a third party to sell your products online. They generally forge data and provide you with incorrect documents which can result in account suspension, even though it wasn’t your fault.

As a seller, your main goal should be to provide good products and customer service. When you focus on quality, you get a good ranking on Amazon.

Amazon is a brand name in the affiliate marketing industry, thus they will do anything to remain the best. If they find any minute suspicious activity in any account, they start monitoring it. Maintain a healthy account so that you can do business with Amazon for a longer time.