How E Signature Software Can Improve Workflows and Productivity

When it comes to business, a good workflow is key. A lot of businesses still use pen and paper to complete their transactions, but this is a huge waste of time and resources. You can be more productive by using e signature software instead. These tools allow you to send documents for signature electronically, receive electronic signatures instantly and even track them in real time so you know exactly where your documents are at all times.

Send documents for signature

E signature software can be used to send documents for signing. This is an extremely efficient way of signing documents, as it removes the need to meet in person and exchange physical copies. The process works in a similar way to sending an email attachment—you simply attach your document, add any necessary instructions and send it off. The recipient will receive a notification regarding their new attachment along with instructions on how to open it up and sign electronically with their unique digital signature or initials.

Another advantage is that once you’ve sent out your document for signing there’s no need for anything other than waiting patiently until you get confirmation that someone has signed on your behalf. That you know everything went well without having any problems arising later down the line.

Track signatures in real-time

Since an electronic signature can be recorded as soon as the person submits it, you don’t have to worry about sending out signed documents and then waiting for them to arrive back at your office before moving on. You can also track signatures when a user sends a document from a mobile device or any other location where they have internet access. E signature software lets you know exactly when each signature was sent and received, so there’s no need for guesswork or wondering where things are in the process.

It’s faster than traditional paper signatures

Paper signatures are a time-consuming process. Every document that requires a signature involves the following steps:

  • A paper or electronic copy of the document is sent to the signer.
  • The signer reads it, prints it out (if electronic), signs it, and returns it to you.
  • You compare the returned document with your original sample, which can take time. If there are any differences between the original and signed document, you have to call up your signee again for corrections which takes up time.

Using paper signatures is a more ponderous process that not only requires greater attention to detail, but also increases the possibility of human error. 

Get proof of delivery

In addition to providing a secure solution for storing and sharing documents, e signature software can also help you with tracking of the document signing workflow. It will send documents for signature, request payment, and track proofs of delivery. This is very helpful when trying to track the performance of a contract and how it is working out for both you and the other signee. 

You can also spend less time switching between programs and more time creating a high-quality finished product. By implementing an e signature solution into your workflow, you will be able to have confidence in the documents you’re sending out to clients and they won’t worry if the latest version of a contract is the one they should be signing.