Data recovery has become a common process nowadays due to many reasons like mistakes by humans or computers, various computer malfunctions, and sometimes data loss is associated with several computer viruses. Many people go to data recovery companies every day, and here are some of the facts about data recovery that may shock you:

Fact #1

Companies go out of business after data loss

Almost 40% of the companies that have experienced data loss in their company due to several reasons have caused their business to prevent from going further. If the company loses data, the several important information about the company and the users as well that provided satisfaction to the consumers also get lost. This could lead to lower business and many customers shifting to similar brands causing the company to stop.


Every Storage system fails 

Many people use different storage systems to protect their data and believe that their storage type is secure and will prevent data loss. But every storage system, whether hard drives or SSDs (Solid State Drive), have similar chances of failing and causing data loss.


30% of Data loss happens because of Water Damage

Believe it or not, most of the phones and hard drives that store our precious data, which we use to provide services to others and ourselves, happen to fail about 30% due to water damage.

This happens because most people are not aware that you can’t turn on your phone after dropping in the water. The water’s chemicals may affect the electronic chips and materials within the mobiles from proper functioning and may cause data loss and permanent mobile damage.

FACT #4 

Most of the common people experience data loss due to their own faults 

There are several ways data loss happens, but professional companies have experienced the fact that this happens mostly due to human error. The chances of data loss due to computer malfunction or system crashes are high but not as much if we compare them with human errors.

The reasons humans are more responsible are

1) Many people drop their hard disks and mobile phones daily that may cause data loss

2) Many people mistakenly drop their phones in water, causing the data to become inaccessible

3) Many people also leave their computers and mobile phones in public places, which lead to theft and later causes data loss

4) People don’t maintain proper working habits, which leads to not saving data after completion or before a power supply disconnection which also causes data loss.

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