Ten Unexpected Ways Mobile Phones Can Make Your Life Better

Smartphones have come a long way from when they were first invented. Gone are the crude, heavy models with limited functions. Today’s mobile phones are the product of continuous innovation and relentless creativity. We can do so much more now with these devices, often using them as an alternative to computers or laptops. It is not a stretch to say that to buy mobile phones is to experience a better life.

But mobile phones, when used for the wrong reasons, will rear their ugly heads. To quote Brenda Shoshanna: “”What seems good turns bad, what seems bad turns good.” Many people have developed an unhealthy attachment towards their smartphones and use it excessively. That is why it is important to form healthy habits and focus on the good side of mobile phone use. Below we highlight the 10 ways mobile phones can make your life better:

1) Organisation

Before the smartphone era, some of us kept diaries or pocket-sized organisers to keep our affairs in order. We noted down our to-dos for each day and our plans for the coming weeks or months. When these paper companions ran out, or the year changed, we were compelled to buy a new one and start anew. Thanks to intelligent mobile phones, we can now plan out everything – trips, work schedule, grocery list, tasks – within a digital space. A paperless organiser provides more security, protects your privacy, decreases carbon footprints, and is an easier way to store and retrieve personal information.

2) Communication

Most people buy mobile phones to communicate. Indeed, present-day smartphones have exceeded expectations. We now have so many avenues to connect with loved ones, workmates, friends, and business prospects. Be it through social media interactions, emails, chat/messenger apps, text message, voice mails, or phone calls, there are various ways we can reach out and build relationships in this day and age through our mobile phones.

3) Recreation

A common recreational activity, playing games, listening to music and watching shows and movies are some ways to de-stress. In the past, you had to buy a game console, a walkman or CD player, and a television. But nowadays you can do all three using one device. Games that were once exclusive to users are now made available as downloadable apps at Android and Apple app stores. If you want to be entertained, you can download all the comfort games you can find, play music on your Spotify or Apple Music app, and, later on, stream a Netflix flick with family and friends.

4) Education

This applies to parents with kids in their formative years as much as students. Not only did the pandemic open our eyes to the importance of technology, but we have become more aware of just how effective mobile phones, tablets and computers are in ensuring continuous education. Distance learning is easier because of these devices, which allow students and their teachers to communicate online, discuss the lessons, and share ideas. Parents who expose their toddlers and growing children to educational videos through mobile apps can also fast track their learning of alphabets, numbers and basic words and phrases long before they receive formal education in school.

5) Keeping Informed

Being in the loop has its benefits and smartphones are a powerful tool for obtaining and gathering information. Humans are social beings, so they cannot stay isolated for too long. While there are people who are comfortable with solitude, they may still want to know what is happening in their surroundings so they can act accordingly. Take advantage of your mobile phone and subscribe to a news website or app to get notifications on a regular basis. Studies show that keeping informed (in the right way) lessens stress and anxiety.

6) Convenient Lifestyle

With a few clicks, you can now order your favourite food from your favourite restaurants and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. And if you want to send a package to loved ones or business partners, an app and a few clicks are all you need to get things done. The use of app-centric mobile phones has definitely taken a lot of weight off your shoulders. You do not have to go out of your way to buy food or deliver packages yourself. When you need to rest at home and just want something to be delivered, thanks to mobile phones, living through this kind of convenience is possible.

7) E-Commerce

Mobile phones are making a difference in the way we transact business online. We can buy and sell goods on various e-commerce platforms and even get to filter our choices by price and ratings. Moreover, these platforms accept credit card, debit card and other online payment systems, making our transactions faster, secure and less of a hassle. You can start your own business without having to rent a physical office.

8) Creativity

Though some graphic artists prefer using tabs, there are mobile phones powerful enough to accommodate graphic design apps or edit heavy video files. They also come with a stylus pen that gives you more freedom and control over your design. If you are looking for a more handy alternative to a design tablet, buy mobile phones with high-end specifications including an impressive memory storage. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB models are highly recommended for creative endeavours.

9) Travelling and Locating

One of the greatest wonders of having a smartphone is GPS. Now that mobile phones are integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) networks, it is easier to locate streets and addresses or travel to far-flung places without getting lost. Mapping apps like Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest and Apple Maps are not only encouraging more travels, but they are also changing the logistics and delivery industries in big ways.

10) Cloud Storage

If you are worried about losing memory space in your smartphone, you can always look to cloud storage for answers. With just a click, you can send all your document files, images, videos and notes from your phone to a cloud storage site or app you can access through a computer, laptop tablet, or other smart devices. Apple iCloud and Google Drive are readily available for iPhone and Android users, while DropBox, 4Shared and OneDrive are some of the more popular cloud storage apps you can download from the app store or access online.

Buy Mobile Phones to Improve Productivity

Stay on top of things with mobile phones that bring out the most productive side of you. Phones have several uses. As long as you know how to set the boundaries, your smartphone will offer more advantages than disadvantages. It will also become an important part of your day-to-day life as you navigate work settings, social circles and personal interests.

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