What are the web development trends?

If you are on the verge of hiring a Web Development Agency for investing in a new website designing and development, gather more information about the current trends as it is necessary for the best ROI. Experts offering the best web development services tend to discuss diverse methods applied for enhancing the primary focus of everyone from the webmasters to Google that is UX.

For increasing the interface experience, web designers convince their clients to create a single page application with a simple interface. By eliminating robust pictures, they can reduce the real-time and assure users of a speedy website. Smartphone users appreciate using such websites.

Here some of the latest web development trends you should know—

Progressive Web App

The Progressive Web App or the PWA are widely in use because it helps to eliminate the cache issues often caused by the poor network by downloading the websites fast via HTTP to reduce the chances of data tempering and content snooping.

Artificial Intelligence & Bots

Right now, AI has become an integral part of web development. It is being used for mimicking human intelligence and is capable of doing cognitive functions such as the ability to learn, analyze information, collect data, recognize emotion, and capable of solving intricate problems. The ability of AI is enabling multi-task automation, enable communication, and perfect for analytical solutions.

The use of AI similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana- the voice bots are helping businesses to develop better communication with audience and customers.


With the growing issue of cyber theft, data breaching, hacking, and data theft- sophisticated protections are used by web development professionals.

Single Page Application 

Based on JavaScript, the Single Page Application or SPA is primarily created for alluring mobile users. Along with creating the websites or mobile application responsive, the web or Mobile App Development Melbourne experts aim to increase the user experience by making it a single-page website when only by crawling up and down, they can explore the whole content. With increased user experience, the websites can increase more traffic influx which will let Google and other search engines rank them.