Your ITAD Partner Can Help You Find the Right Path to Retiring Your Outdated Data

Virtually all companies have to get rid of and recycle electronic waste. While shredding old, or archived files can be a good solution, it’s not always the best option.

It can also eat away at your budget. While shredding might seem to be a simpler and cheaper way of wiping data than software, it is not always the truth. These machines can be more expensive than software and cost prohibitive. ITAD companies are required to include time in their estimates. However, this can sometimes lead to additional fees and costs that your company didn’t anticipate. Noise concerns can also be disruptive for workers and could cause OSHA violations. A lost hard drive can be a costly expense that you don’t need, or potentially, cause data privacy issues you don’t want.

Wiping is sometimes better than shredding. Have you ever seen a truly unique hard drive? We haven’t. That’s the problem. It is easy to either shred the wrong hard drive or keep one that looks identical. You could lose important company data if you don’t have an automated system for checking which data is being shredded. Sometimes wiping data is a better option. It is easy to open a drive and wipe out all data.

Selling hard drives is a better option than recycling.

If you are into metalwork and modern sculpture, a shredded hard drive might be worthless. However, a clean, unaltered hard drive can be reused, resold, or even resold. A hard drive in its entirety is worth more than one in parts.

Gone doesn’t always mean gone.

What’s stopping someone from taking a hard drive as good-as-gone from a trash can? Most likely, nobody will notice. However, a device that has been wiped but is still intact can be tracked and traced making it difficult for anyone to seize it.

Search for the right company to help you find the best solution for your business.

This post was written by Steven Elia Co-Founder and Recycling Director at eCycle Florida. eCycle Florida is a R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your electronics. eCycle Florida is your go-to when looking for an electronic recycling center in Tampa. To learn more click here!